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 Contentssfrmat3 and supporting functions 24 July 2009
 ahamming[data] = ahamming(n, mid)
 centUsage: [b] = cent(a, center)
 centerfigpos=centerfig(relwidth,relheight,scale) calculates the Position vector to center a figure on the screen
 centroidfunction [loc] = centroid(x)
 clipout= clip(in, low, high)
 clipping[n, status] = clipping(a)
 deriv1[b] = deriv1(a, nlin, npix, fil)
 findedge[slope, int] = findedge(cent, nlin)
 findfreq[freqval, sfrval] = findfreq(dat, val, imax, fflag) find frequency for specified
 fir2fix[correct] = fir2fix(n, m);
 getoecf[array, status] = getoecf(array, oename) applies oecf LUT
 getroi[select, coord] = getroi(array, dialtext, tol) Select and return region of interest
 imageread[status,dat,ftype,fpath,fname] = imageread(fname, nlin, npix) reads image files;
 inbox1Dialog box for input of data sampling for SFR calculation
 inbox3Dialog box for input of data sampling and weights for red, green
 isarrayout = isarray(a)
 project[point, status] = project(bb, loc, slope, fac)
 readraw1[dat1] = readraw1(fn, nbyte, nlin, npix, ncol) read images stored as raw
 readrawgui[nbyte, nlin, npix, ncol] = readrawgui(filename, nbyte, nlin, npix, ncol)
 results2results: Matlab function saves results computed by sfrmat3.m.
 rotate90[out] = rotate90(in, n) 90 degree counterclockwise rotations of matrix
 rotatev[a, nlin, npix, rflag] = rotatev(a)
 rotatev2[a, nlin, npix, rflag] = rotatev2(a) Rotate edge array vertical
 sampeff[eff, freqval, sfrval] = sampeff(dat, val, del, fflag, pflag) Sampling efficiency from SFR
 sfrmat3MatLab function: sfrmat3 Slanted-edge Analysis for digital camera and scanner
 splashinfo: displays simple splash window announcing program name, version
 std2std2 standard deviation of matrix elements.
 test_sfrmat3Test sfrmat3 and compare with sfrmat2
 textfig[] = textfig(dat,h) puts text in figure

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