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[point, status] = project(bb, loc, slope, fac)


function [point, status] = project(bb, loc, slope, fac)


 [point, status] = project(bb, loc, slope, fac)
 Projects the data in array bb along the direction defined by
  npix = (1/slope)*nlin.  Used by sfrmat11 and sfrmat2 functions.
 Data is accumulated in 'bins' that have a width (1/fac) pixel.
 The smooth, supersampled one-dimensional vector is returned.
  bb = input data array
  slope and loc are from the least-square fit to edge
    x = loc + slope*cent(x)
  fac = oversampling (binning) factor, default = 4
  Note that this is the inverse of the usual cent(x) = int + slope*xstatus =1;
  point = output vector
  status = 1, OK
  status = 1, zero counts encountered in binning operation, warning is
           printed, but execution continues

Peter Burns 24 Oct. 2008
              fac input arguement added 8 May 2000
 Copyright (c) Peter D. Burns 1998-2008


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